4 Crazy But True Movie Costume Stories

Jabba the Hutt – several people thrown in a bag

It turned out that it is almost impossible to create a huge doll that can be operated from the outside. So they decided to control the slug from the inside. It took two guys who were in charge of Jabba’s hands and mouth. One of them controlled the right hand, tongue, and head rotation, the other – the left hand and mouth. At the tail of Jabba, the Hut was another short man. He was pressing levers and pedals.

A little boy with no legs played an alien

Alien E.T. was a combination of a doll and well-designed costumes for the actors. For some shots, E.T. was played by a short person, and sometimes the costume was worn on a 12-year-old boy who was born without legs. This gave E.T. a certain gait. And in scenes where E.T. did not have to move, they put a doll on the floor.

RoboCop’s costume nearly ruined the entire movie

The director did not like the costume created by the designer. Paul Verhoeven insisted that RoboСop’s costume should be more “revolutionary” and resemble that of the protagonist of the Japanese TV series Metal Hero. As a result, Verhoeven fell out with the designer, but in the end, he left the original version of the costume.

However, this is not all. The designer freaked out and didn’t show up on set on the first day of filming. Putting on a suit turned out not to be easy. The film crew spent 11 hours on this process. Peter Weller himself, who played RoboСop, immediately became enraged. To his protests, the film’s producer responded by… firing him. Fortunately, the costume was specially designed for Weller, so he had to be taken back.

The original Alien costume had a human skull and condoms

The front of the head of the Alien costume was molded in the shape of a real human skull. When asked where he got the real skull from, Giger, an artist working on the film, replied, “Just don’t ask.” It is also interesting that the slime that appears from the Alien was made with the help of lubricant, and for the veins on the Alien’s face, the designers used ordinary condoms.