Levi’s 501: Iconic Jeans of Popular Movie Characters

Levi’s 501 jeans were created in 1873. Nowadays, they are considered classics that can find a place in any wardrobe. Many cult movie characters wore them over the years, which made these jeans incredibly popular.

The Wild One (1953)

This movie made Levi’s jeans a must-have for every cool guy. Marlon Brando played a cheeky biker Johnny who wore the original 501 model. This character made a huge contribution to the popularity of the brand.


Back to the Future (1985)

This cult movie directed by Robert Zemeckis promoted Levi’s 501 among the younger audience. Everyone remembers Marty McFly’s iconic look: a red puffer vest, Nike sneakers, and blue jeans. People enjoyed his outfit as much as they enjoyed the stunning script of this sci-fi film.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

The classic Levi’s 501 appeared in the 2005 drama. In 2013, a pair of jeans and gloves Heath Ledger wore in Brokeback Mountain were sold for over 21 thousand dollars.

Steve Jobs (2015)

Apple and Pixar are not the only brands associated with Steve Jobs. He had a signature look: a black turtleneck, New Balance sneakers, and Levi’s jeans. The legendary entrepreneur remained true to this style throughout his life. Therefore, Michael Fassbender, who played Steve Jobs in the 2015 film, wore the same Levi’s 501.

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Matt Damon’s character in this action-thriller film wears a pair of black Levi’s 501. These jeans look especially cool together with Bourne’s gun. However, they can suit you great even if you have never worked as a CIA assassin.