Oscar Celebrities nails

Stars Nail Arts for the “Oscar” in 2021

The Oscars nominees know they are being watched to their fingertips. And they always show off on the red carpet not only dresses and diamonds, but also fresh manicure, which sets the trend for all of us for the whole year to come.



The Academy Awards ceremony is not only a competition for filmmakers. The red carpet ceremony is considered the most important social event in the world and predicts what will be in fashion for many months. This goes for celebrity hairstyles, makeup and manicures, which become a source of inspiration even for the big fashion houses, not to mention all of us.


The preparation of stars to enter the Oscar track begins many months before this solemn night and does not include everything. The final point in the fees is the manicure. And its importance simply cannot be overestimated, especially if the actress is waiting for a series of photos with the coveted statuette in her hands.


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Usually stars are very inventive in terms of nail design: sometimes I want to show photographs of their nails painted with complex geometry or different shades to a manicure master! If there is no mood for the manifestation of imagination, the favorite nude or classic red saves the seleb.

This year, celebrities have managed to excel in terms of manicure. But is it for the better? Almost all the guests of the Oscar-2021 gave preference to the most modest pinkish-beige shades and did not even begin to increase the extra length. In many cases, the focus is on rings and rings, which, together with bright varnish, would look vulgar, as in the case of Reese Witherspoon. Although, of course, you could try to pick up something elegant to match the decoration, what do you think?


Reese Witherspoon Manicure


See how this piece of jewelry looks with the mother-of-pearl manicure of actress and director Emirald Fennell. In addition, the shade favorably emphasizes the blonde’s skin, eliminating any hint of a reddish undertone.


Emirald Fennell's nails for Oscar 2021


Angela Bassett also opted for the timeless pink classics. And in her case, the manicure became the most modest detail of the image – however, perfectly in harmony with bright jewelry and a red dress.


Angela Bassett's nails


Why didn’t Amanda Seyfried do some similar manicure and choose a more feminine length? Instead, the actress simply painted her nails with white polish, which, as you know, is only good for the graceful shape of the nails.


Amanda Seyfried's short nails


For comparison – here is Regina King’s light manicure. As you can see, on the elongated form, it already looks completely different. As in the case of Zendai’s manicure, but here is not a snow-white, but rather a vanilla shade.


Regina King's light manicure

Zendai with Short nails


And here is another nude manicure, but already on the ultra-long square nails of the singer Andra Day. It looks unusual and very predatory. And hardly suitable for every day.


Andra Day with long nails


The next Oscar 2021 red carpet manicure trend is, of course, the renaissance of French manicure. But while women of fashion choose a bright neon color for the border of the nail, Margot Robbie, Maria Bakalova and other actresses continue to resort to the classic version with white. And it is always appropriate and relevant, if, of course, it is done carefully, observing the correct proportions of the nail.


Margot Robbie with French Manicure

Maria Bakalova's manicure


The Oscar triumphant, director of the Land of Nomads, Chloe Zhao, completely abandoned manicure, as well as makeup in general. Apparently, beauty trends do not bother this extraordinary woman at all.


Chloe Zhao with Oscar Statue


Of course, where are we without red? The scarlet manicure was played with contrasting black decorations by director Sophia Nali Allison – and instantly made the classics play according to the rules of her daring image, which could not fail to attract the attention of the audience.


Nali Allison with red nails


Laura Dern relied on a different kind of classic – a wine shade. He perfectly matched the jewelry bracelet on her wrist, forcing him to show all his luxury. But the color emphasized the slight redness of the actress’s skin. Maybe you should have opted for a darker option like Vanessa Kirby’s?


Laura Dern with wine shade mani


Here is another example of timeless classics – black manicure, which many undeservedly bypass. But he is ideal for any color type of appearance and shade of outfit. It looks especially interesting with Viola Davis’ platinum jewelry, doesn’t it?


Viola Davis with black nails


Manicure in monochrome color? In the case of the singer H.E.R. we can’t even imagine a more perfect solution! Another bright shade would simply switch attention to itself and spoil the whole picture.


HER with monochrome nails


By the way, demonstrating a manicure on the red carpet today is a completely optional thing. You can just, like Glenn Close, put on nice gloves and refer to the safety rules in the pandemic. Perhaps, shortly before the start of the ceremony, the actress had a broken nail? Or she is simply complex due to the condition of her hands, because the years, undoubtedly, take their toll.


Glenn Close in Gloves